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Welcome to my world of folded paper, and objet d’art.  A place of curiosities where elegant fabrics are brought to life through the medium of paper manipulation and the incorporation of unique collectables.

I have been designing and making with paper since I graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2000 and after a busy career in visual merchandising and a continuing passion to make and sell my own work I am excited to share my designs.

Every piece that I create is cut freehand using only manual tools and individually assembled at my Cardiff studio.  My work is heavily influenced by repetition, symmetry and the artistry in translating simple shapes to three-dimensional form. Many compositions are flavoured with an element of story telling which encourages playful and humorous themes.

The use of exquisite fabrics are often integral in my designs, and inspiration is drawn from British made prints with the essence of the Arts and Crafts Movement, 1920’s Art Deco and Small Florals of the 1930’s.  I am always excited to explore innovative ways of transforming the character of beautiful patterns through layering and folding in order to tell a brand new story. 

All of my designs are presented in hand crafted, glass and solid wood box frames in a range of sizes and finishes. It is my priority to create a bespoke hand-crafted product of exceptional quality and individual beauty for you to enjoy and treasure.

Commissions are always welcomed.